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The verticals ofÜppigoproducts can be used as – your weekend home, a destination party venue at your farmhouses, offices at construction sites to just name a few. Just state your business, Üppigo’s Relationship Manager will be honored to demonstrate our products’ versatile usage to you.


Üppigo Modular farm house

Uppigo modular farmhouses are made considering all the philosophical, psychological, housing standards with proper floor management. 

The modular units are manufactured separately and stacked, assembled or placed separately. All the sections and materials are selected and designed according to the farm environment and your requirements. 

tiny house 2

Üppigo Tiny House

Culture of tiny home belongs to united states. A perfect home for those who are wanting a self estimed or adventurous life. A place to spend personal time. 

A small home, consisting a drawing room, kitchen, balcony, bathroom and a bedroom. This furniture can be utilized for the multipurpose. Concealed electrical lines and exterior plumbing lines are making interior neat and easy to maintain.

gazebo Copy 2

Üppigo Gazebo

Üppigo gazebos are pick and place products. Our team designs it with the consideration of all technical and ambience aspects according to the site, that can be pick and place to any desired place. Üppigo gazebos are sustainable, attractive and having a warm atmosphere. Place it in your garden, farm, terrace or compound with a swing, dining or sitting arrangement. 

prefab office Copy

Üppigo modular Offices

Üppigo office units are manufactured with sitting arrangements according to staff and department, Kitchen facilities.Adequate toilet facilities, including a disabled access toilet, depending on the number of staff who will work in the office. A temperature control system, for example heating and air conditioning units etc. All the electric points are wall concealed and it gives a plain decent view to office.

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