1. What is Uppigo?  

  • We are manufacturers of prefab modular units.
  • Our designs breakeven the possibilities between science and art and bring them to reality
  • Utilization of best technologies, flawless operational management, preeminent quality of work and elegant interiors defines – ÜPPIGO 

    2. Why steel structured modular units are better than concrete structure?

    • Sustainability
    • Efficiency
    • Reduced Labor
    • Hazard proof
    • Affordability
    • Durability
    • Flexibility
    • Energy saving

      3. How Uppigo makes the modular units more efficient and price effective?

      • Optimization of material through thorough designing process: according to site conditions and client’s requirement, we prepare analytical designs. That reduces cost and increases potential of modular unit.
      • Reducing labor cost by operational researches and management: time is directly proportional to fiscal factors. By reducing the manufacturing time, it reduces labor cost.
      • Selection of material according to site conditions: designing according to site conditions makes the unit comfortable, reduces the energy consumption and maintenance.
      • Multiple options for materials: the alternative materials have assured the work faster and cost effective

      In house production: it assures the quality and work management

        4. What are the main products of Uppigo?

        • 1: independent modular units

          1. Studio home
          2. Site Office
          3. Shop
          4. Kitchen
          5. Clinic/medical units
          6. Pop up store

          2: modular assembled units

          1. Modular accommodation (home/ farmhouse)
          2. Modular offices
          3. Showroom
          4. Restaurant
          5. Gazebo
          6. cafe

          5. Does Uppigo take innovative project?

          • Yes

            6. What is vision of Uppigo?

            • concerning aesthetics looks, structural strength and fiscal factors, we design and manufacture the units according to your requirements. ÜPPIGO is an association of engineer and architect.

              We take turnkey projects and execute it with the best appointed agencies within committed time period.

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